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List of Talks


Reception and Welcome Talk

Welcome talk, inauguration of EuRuKo 2009


Matz Keynote

By Yukihiro Matsumoto

Keynote by Matz


The Risks We Take. Ruby in System Testing

By Stephan Kämper

In larger companies - and Ruby is in fact entering these now - there seems to be a misconception of how to deal with risk. In my experience a risk has to be predicted, mitigated if at all possible and avoided like "The Plague". This makes departments, teams and even individuals more and more (Read more)


Fun with ruby (and without r***s) Program your own games with gosu

By javier ramirez

Games programming is usually associated to heavy duty graphics, system-dependent libraries, and serious performance issues. While that's true for virtual worlds or 3d realistic games, you can still have lots of fun developing your own 2d platform games.

After all, if we could do it back (Read more)

Who needs photoshop? Creative image manipulation and processing using Ruby

By Cory Forsyth

I will be talking about creative applications of Ruby into the field of image processing. In the talk I'll be exploring the philosophical differences between manipulating images using GUI tools like photoshop and command-line tools like ruby scripting. What sorts of things can you do with (Read more)


Automate Everything: Cooking with Chef

By Joshua Sierles

If you're still using Capistrano or shell scripts to manage your servers, this talk is for you. It's time to automate everything and sleep better at night.

Centralized configuration management is key to any production environment. Standing on the shoulders of tools like Puppet, Chef is (Read more)

Software Craftsmanship

By Phillip Oertel

I will give a talk about the idea of Software Craftsmanship: What does this fuzzy term actually mean, how is it different from how we work today, and does being a software craftsman keep you your job?

I want to combine insight from current Agile software development methodologies, (Read more)

Lightning Talks

By Claudio B. , Florian Gilcher , Christian Amor Kvalheim , Tomasz Stachewicz , Kevin Noonan and Irina Dumitrascu

Several lightning talks, 5 minutes each.

Moderated by the Lightning Talks Master and his merciless Gong!



By Dirkjan Bussink

DataObjects tries to improve the Ruby ecosystem by providing a unified database access layer. Projects such as Rack have proven very successful and many other programming languages already have API's like Java's JDBC and Perl::DBI.

Ruby::DBI has been tried in the past, but since it (Read more)


By Jason Goecke

Adhearsion ( is a Ruby-based framework, installable as a gem, that provides a comprehensive development environment for developing voice enabled applications using a jargon free DSL. Further, Adhearsion integrates with Rails in various ways, extending Rails seamlessly into (Read more)


Building Crossplatform Mobile Apps in Ruby with the Rhodes framework

By Adam Blum

Rhodes is an open source Ruby-based framework for building locally executing, device-optimized mobile applications that run on all major smartphone devices. These applications work with synchronized local data from enterprise application backends. Rhodes also allows you to take advantage of (Read more)


Ruby Archaeopteryx

By Pablo Formoso Estrada

Ruby Archaeopteryx Talk is about the creation of midi clips with Ruby code. On a first demo I will show you how to implement an easy drums Machine using Ruby Midi standard libraries to make a complete song by launching pre loaded audio clips on the Drum Machine.

A second part of the (Read more)

Quality code with Cucumber

By Aslak Hellesøy

Cucumber ( is a novel tool for Behaviour Driven Development. While early BDD tools like RSpec and Shoulda are geared towards programmers, classes and objects, Cucumber nicely fills the communication gap between customers, programmers and testers. This session will change how (Read more)


Announcing RuDy: write Ruby native extensions in D programming language

By Tomasz Stachewicz

Everyone wants speed. Not everyone jumps right into writing Ruby native extensions in C, as it is a hard and daunting task. It would be great to write native extension in a modern and more programmer-friendly language with all the performance. That's what RuDy project aim is: enable and ease (Read more)


Lightning/short talks

By Kevin Noonan , Mislav Marohni? , Lindsay Holmwood , Paul Klipp , Norbert Crombach and Cristi Balan

Lightning/short talks


Candidates cities discussion for the 2010 Euruko Host

Candidates cities discussion for the 2010 Euruko Host