Our deadlines are arriving guys, next Saturday is the last day to send speech and t-shirt proposals.

We've received enough to prepare the conference, but we want more! We want you to make the decision difficult for us :-).

Please, take a look at the t-shirt contest:

and the call for papers

Looking forward to your proposals!

T-shirt contest!

Traditionally, the EuRuKo t-shirt was designed by Thomas Fuchs, we've been in contact with him to follow this tradition but unfortunately, this year, Thomas is quite busy and he can't help us.

So, we're launching an open contest to design the EuRuKo 2009 t-shirt.

You can send us your gorgeous designs (vectorial format, 4 colors max., one side) to with the subject "T-SHIRT CONTEST" before February 28th, the winner will get a free pass to the conference, some cool presents, and of course, a warm fuzzy feeling seeing his design all over the conference.