Attendees and Speakers listings

As you can see in our web, we have three different listings:

  • Attendees: people with a public profile that will be attending the conference. This listing includes the speakers, the sponsors and every registered user who paid for a seat.
  • Speakers: people delivering a talk
  • All: everybody with a public profile who registered in the site (either attending or not). Registered users can comment or vote the talks, since we will have live-streaming, even if they didn't get in time for getting a seat in the conference.

If you cannot see your profile in any of the listings, chances are you didn't mark your profile as public. If you paid for your ticket and you have a public profile and you still don't appear listed as attendee please contact us to double check the payment information.

Ruby takes Europe by storm!

Not even three days after opening the registration, and we are sold out already. We are sincerely overwhelmed by the quick response, you bunch of early adopters ;)

Now it's our turn to try our best and produce a really remarkable conference. It shouldn't be too hard; after all we already have the greatest audience ever.

See you all really soon!

Open for registration!

Rubyists of Europe (and anyone willing to visit!)

We are pleased to announce EuRuKo 2009 is now open for registration. As you all know EuRuKo is a grassroots conference focused on the community and the number of seats is kept intentionally low at 250, tops, so be light on your fingers and register as soon as you can before we hang the terrible sold out banner of death (tm).


EuRuKo: the European Ruby Conference


In sunny Barcelona. Don't forget your beach gear if you are staying a couple of extra days in the city


On May 9th-10th


because it rocks.. see the conference schedule for yourself if you don't believe us

how much?

As close to free as possible. 30 tiny euros payable via PayPal