EuRuKo 2009 videos, ou yeah!

With a little delay, and we are sorry for that, we already can offer to every of you the videos of the talks on the EuRuKo2009 conference.

It are stored on the online video service under the user 'euruko', our idea is that this user will be use for the future organization teams to upload the videos of the next EuRuKo conferences.

If you see some mistake on the descriptions or whatever other comment about the videos please let us know on the comments of this post.

We are live!

EuRuKo 2009 just opened. You can follow our live streaming at

Enjoy the conference!

Saturday's supper

Apart from being our silver sponsor, XING has kindly arranged an informal cocktail supper on Saturday, right after the lighting talks. The buffet will be conveniently served at the building of the venue, with an open terrace available for those who want to enjoy Barcelona's fine weather.

The supper will be a light buffet featuring typical Catalonian products -which by the way are superb- such as the traditional "pa amb tomàquet", ham, cheese, assorted sausages, olives... all of those served with your choice of soft drinks, beer, wine and coffee.

It will be the perfect framework for making small talk and a nice closure for the day.

The organization board would like to thank XING for making this possible. Kudos guys!

A Visual Guide to the Venue for EuRuKo 2009


As you already know the venue for EuRuKo 2009 is Citilab, a center for promoting new technologies located in a wonderful building.


Citilab will provide EuRuKo 2009 with a modern room for 250 people:

Main conference room at Citilab

Their own staff will also take care of all technical details, projector, sound, wifi, recording, live streaming. We'll have about 60 sockets. They've hosted a lot of important events, like Mozilla Camp Europe 2008 or the FIRST Lego League. It's going to be a superb venue.

How to Get There


Citilab is located in Cornellà de Llobregat, a city very close to Barcelona. The address of the venue is:

Pl. Can Suris, s/n
08940 Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona)
Phone: 93 551 06 60

A taxi from the center of Barcelona may cost around 25/30 euros.

Going by Metro

It is very easy to get to Citilab from Barcelona by metro. Barcelona has several lines, their code include a number and a color:


You have to somehow get the blue line (Line 5, L5) heading towards "Cornellà":



Destination is the last station, which is actually called "Cornellà Centre". That's the leftmost one in this picture:


If you need an estimation, each station takes about 1.5 minutes.

Once you arrive to the destination:


follow the sign that reads "Sortida":


Catalonia has two official languages: Spanish and Catalan. Both of them have strong usage but you'll normally find only Catalan in signs. "Sortida" is Catalan for "Exit".

Go upstairs here:


and at the top take this passage slightly to your right:


Going straight ahead you'll identify this place:


That's a tunnel for a tram, but it goes out in just a few meters. Cross the street to get to the opposite sidewalk, and turn to the left, in the same sidewalk and direction of the person in the picture above. You'll see this:


Now you have two options: Wait for a tram, or have a 8 minutes walk. We'll explain going by foot in this section, and taking the tram in the next section.

Getting to the venue by foot at this point is very easy.

First follow the sidewalk until you get out:


Then just follow the rails of the tram, they'll guide you to the door of the venue. The tram basically goes down a bit:


then performs a right angle towards the right surrounding this mall:



and then goes on in a straight line:


In a moment you'll see the venue to your left:


Going by Tram

In this side of Barcelona, the left side, there are three tram lines, T1, T2, and T3.


Their end in Barcelona city is located at Plaça Francesc Macià. Both lines T1 and T2 have a station exactly in front of Citilab, which is called "Fontsanta I Fatjó". Do NOT take line T3.

If you went by metro following the instructions above, when you cross the rails of the tram in the tunnel and start walking towards the left, there's a tram station right there:


During weekends there's a tram each 10 minutes more or less. You can take the first one because that station belongs only to lines T1 and T2:


The ticket of the metro allows you to take the tram at no additional cost (as long as you take it in the following hour after you left the metro or some rule like that). You need to pass the ticket of the metro to validate it. The second station is "Fontsanta I Fatjó", the one of the venue, you'll recognize the building clearly to your left:


To go back you can take a tram in the opposite direction and then the metro. The same process backwards. But in that case the ticket of the tram does not allow you to take the metro for free.

A T-10 ticket for metro gives you 10 tickets that allow free changes metro -> tram, tram -> metro. You can purchase a T-10 at any metro station, with money or credit card. (Careful, the T-10 sold in tram stations is a different T-10.)

Attendees and Speakers listings

As you can see in our web, we have three different listings:

  • Attendees: people with a public profile that will be attending the conference. This listing includes the speakers, the sponsors and every registered user who paid for a seat.
  • Speakers: people delivering a talk
  • All: everybody with a public profile who registered in the site (either attending or not). Registered users can comment or vote the talks, since we will have live-streaming, even if they didn't get in time for getting a seat in the conference.

If you cannot see your profile in any of the listings, chances are you didn't mark your profile as public. If you paid for your ticket and you have a public profile and you still don't appear listed as attendee please contact us to double check the payment information.

Ruby takes Europe by storm!

Not even three days after opening the registration, and we are sold out already. We are sincerely overwhelmed by the quick response, you bunch of early adopters ;)

Now it's our turn to try our best and produce a really remarkable conference. It shouldn't be too hard; after all we already have the greatest audience ever.

See you all really soon!

Open for registration!

Rubyists of Europe (and anyone willing to visit!)

We are pleased to announce EuRuKo 2009 is now open for registration. As you all know EuRuKo is a grassroots conference focused on the community and the number of seats is kept intentionally low at 250, tops, so be light on your fingers and register as soon as you can before we hang the terrible sold out banner of death (tm).


EuRuKo: the European Ruby Conference


In sunny Barcelona. Don't forget your beach gear if you are staying a couple of extra days in the city


On May 9th-10th


because it rocks.. see the conference schedule for yourself if you don't believe us

how much?

As close to free as possible. 30 tiny euros payable via PayPal

The Call for Papers is now open for EuRuKo 2009!

If you have a good idea for a Ruby related talk, we want to encourage you to make a proposal for a speech. We are looking for people willing to present on topics like:

  • Non conventional uses of Ruby
  • Interesting practices/techniques to develop Ruby code
  • Useful Ruby libraries/gems
  • Ruby programming related to other technologies/fields

And if you are too shy to propose a talk, you can still help by telling us what kind of topics you would like to see covered during the conference. Make your voice heard at the Euruko this year!

Presentation proposals should be a relatively detailed extended abstract including the topic, outline, suggested duration and details of what will be presented, and should be emailed to (Ideas for topics should also be emailed to the same address.)

Sessions will be distributed in a single track covering technical sessions (20/30/45 minutes + 10 for Q&A), and lightning talks.

The call for papers finishes by February 28th and accepted proposal authors will be contacted on or before March 10th.