Automate Everything: Cooking with Chef

On May 9th, 16:00 PM at Main

By Joshua Sierles

If you're still using Capistrano or shell scripts to manage your servers, this talk is for you. It's time to automate everything and sleep better at night.

Centralized configuration management is key to any production environment. Standing on the shoulders of tools like Puppet, Chef is a new system configuration framework combining the power of Ruby with tested systems management concepts. Use a tasty Ruby DSL to define your system state. Focus on idempotence to work safely beyond the setup stage. It's a lot of fun; like Rails for sysadmins. Even if you only manage a couple servers, you need to know about it.

During this presentation we'll bootstrap a a 37signals application, Ta-da List, on an EC2 server cluster. We'll go from nothing to a fully configured cluster, discussing along the way the Chef cookbooks that drive the process. We'll also see how to make configuration changes and automatically setup DNS and monitoring checks, time permitting.

Details about Chef here:

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avatar de Fernando Martinez de la Cueva

Fernando Martinez de la Cueva said on 2009-05-10 01:40:46 +0200
The apron thing was a wonderful idea, very interesting talk, maybe a bit texty, these sysadmins...