On May 10th, 11:00 AM at Main

By Jason Goecke

Adhearsion ( is a Ruby-based framework, installable as a gem, that provides a comprehensive development environment for developing voice enabled applications using a jargon free DSL. Further, Adhearsion integrates with Rails in various ways, extending Rails seamlessly into the voice world.

We will provide an overview of why Adhearsion was created, how it works and then provide a tutorial on developing your first application.

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avatar de Fernando Martinez de la Cueva

Fernando Martinez de la Cueva said on 2009-05-10 11:13:25 +0200
wow, this awoke us, this guy has true energy, focused and intense, very pro, and chosed terminal screnshots better than some live console action we have seen because it lets speaker concentrate in the message

avatar de Marcelino Llano

Marcelino Llano said on 2009-05-10 11:36:04 +0200
Really cool talk

avatar de Arvis Zeile

Arvis Zeile said on 2009-05-10 11:40:56 +0200
I agree, very nice & good prepared talk! Thanks Jason.