Candidates cities discussion for the 2010 Euruko Host

On May 10th, 19:00 PM at Main

Candidates cities discussion for the 2010 Euruko Host

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avatar de Mike Lee

Mike Lee said on 2009-03-12 10:22:30 +0100
Let's kick this talk off.. right here-right now, perhaps a few comments/suggestions ... So WHERE would YOU like to see EuRuKo 2010 happening ?

avatar de Raul Murciano

Raul Murciano said on 2009-03-12 12:34:48 +0100
I think that the 'who' and the 'what' is more important than the 'where', so I would like to hear who is interested on taking over the EuRuKo'10 and what ideas they put on the table...

avatar de Armin

Armin said on 2009-03-13 18:51:13 +0100
After so many European ruby conferences, let's meet in Barcelona with a good bottle of wine and see how we can help ruby most. It's really all about who has the motivation todo it and to keep the non-commercial spirit which I enjoy. I know of at least 5 people that would like to organise it in Poland .. Fine with me. I'll happily come anywhere. I think we should continue to change places .. and give everybody a chance. We started in Germany (Karlsruhe, Munich), then Vienna, then Prague, now Barcelona :-)

avatar de ramine darabiha

ramine darabiha said on 2009-03-13 18:53:29 +0100
Hey. Glad to see people are thinking of '10 already :) Why not consider some of the smaller countries? I think Euruko is a great way of not only getting people together, but also meeting new people, and spreading the word about Ruby. There's always gonna be a "who" and "what". We know who's coming: the old-school guys (Armin, Mike, etc), the newbies (me), the guys who'd like to hear more. We know what's happening. Ruby, food and booze :) I'd recommend a small country. I'm in Finland, and there's a small but committed Ruby community, who'd love to hear the talks and meet people. The startup scene here is very active, and I'm pretty sure we could get sponsors easily. Helsinki is a nice city to visit, it's very easy to reach from Germany, Eastern Europe, and all the other nordic countries. As a bonus we get the snow, cheap beer, and the nordic women.

avatar de ramine darabiha

ramine darabiha said on 2009-03-13 18:54:01 +0100
ps: sorry about the formatting, the blog broke it

avatar de Stephan Kämper

Stephan Kämper said on 2009-03-18 00:16:29 +0100
Small countries? Europe is full of small countries, compared to other continents. Seriously: Helsinki would be a fine with as as Kopenhagen or Stockholm. In the end it boils down to who has the drive to actually do all the work ... and who dares competing with the increasing expectations: I'm still surprised that we grew this out of some 15 or so folks a bit lost in a lecture hall in Karlsruhe. I certainly second Armin's opinion: Let's see who's going to grab it to continue this community effort - even though I'd prefer some non-wine for decision making ;-).

avatar de Pedro Sousa

Pedro Sousa said on 2009-03-27 12:44:58 +0100
how about lisbon? :)

avatar de Paul Klipp

Paul Klipp said on 2009-04-16 13:55:08 +0200
I'd love to help organize one in Krakow, Poland. Great city, centrally-located, cheap food and drink, cheap accommodation, lots of discount airlines serving the city from all over Europe, and an active Ruby community. The country president of Cisco called Krakow the Ruby capital of Poland and the European editor of TechCrunch bragged about the concentration of Ruby talent in Krakow.

avatar de Dave Frey

Dave Frey said on 2009-05-10 17:51:07 +0200
I support Krakow, especially as they seem motivated to do it. I agree with Raul that Who and What are much more important than Where. I personally think it's important that it's a community effort and not a company effort -- the Krakow team should be careful to manage that. The Paris rails conference is associated with a particular company and I think it really suffers as a result.

avatar de Fernando Martinez de la Cueva

Fernando Martinez de la Cueva said on 2009-05-10 19:14:26 +0200

avatar de Stephan Kämper

Stephan Kämper said on 2009-05-11 00:39:00 +0200
Yes. Poland, twelve points. :-) Have fun with the gong. Wish you good luck and great success with the implementation of Euruko2010.

avatar de Paul Klipp

Paul Klipp said on 2009-05-12 22:08:20 +0200
Thanks, everyone. We'll do our best to make EuRuKo 2010 great and unique. As soon as possible we'll create a way to keep the community informed about our progress.

avatar de Paul Klipp

Paul Klipp said on 2009-05-12 22:11:46 +0200
Dave - I agree. My opinion is that any company can sponsor the event, but that the driving force behind its organization should be a determined and cooperative group of individuals. That said, I think I might that perhaps sponsorship can include donating employees' time, given that much of the work may happen during otherwise billable hours.