Dates for EuRuKo 2009

That's right folks, we've definitive dates for EuRuKo 2009 so don't miss out: Barcelona 9-10 May 2009. Mark your calendars!

And we have the definitive venue as well: Citilab a nice place with direct subway connection to the city center and with all the facilities we need: Wi-fi, room for 250 people, recording and streaming equipment and experience hosting this kind of conferences (like DrupalCon 2007).

We are working already on the website to manage the registration process, as soon as it's ready we will open the registration and the call for papers.

Hope to see you in Barcelona!


Room for only 250 people? Are you sure that's enough? Last year there was more people than that already, and these things don't exactly tend to diminish.

Mikael, one of the ideas behind the Euruko is to always keep it small, around 250-300 people maximum.

Jaime: I agree and I am sure that the other organizers from last years would agree too - 250 people is still pretty much, and well, you have to sign up in time, that's all.

prakash neupane

hi i am inters in this conference so what to do in this time ? please coll me my id sir

Well - given the 20-40 people from the early days (say, 2003-ish), I would't call 250-300 attendees for this 'small'. (And everyone is free to organize a local meeting/conf/gathering...) Really looking forward to meeting you guys again!

When does registration open?

Registration is about to open, we hope next week will be ready