EuRuKo 2009 in Barcelona

It's now official, the next EuRuKo will be held in Barcelona in the first quarter of 2009. We don't know the exact dates yet but we'll post them here as soon as we know.

We'll also post all the relevant info of the organizing process here.


looking forward to that!

Barcelona is a great place for the event. See you there.

Jürgen 'eTM' Mangler


Mike Lee

Have we got any firm date set yet ?

Wow !! See you there !!

Any news on dates? Or any other information?

one question: will there be proceedings? Can we submit a paper with a talk? Best

Juanjo Bazán

@Mike, @Mark We have final dates: May 9-10th (a complete post about this coming next)

@Stefan Sure, there will be proceedings. We will open a 'call for proposals' soon.

Mike Lee

Very cool !

Let's get a list of speaking streams/slots together and get keynotes/main topics booked in !

Well done, I was starting to sweat !

kingsley hendrickse

Great - I will be there :)